Fue Hair Transplantation

What is Fue Hair Transplantation?

Many of the people who have hair loss problems always dream of having a hair transplant. For this reason, we would like to contribute with this article on FUE hair transplantation, which we believe will be informative for many people. The hair transplant process starts some time before the operation. On the day of the operation, the procedure is performed painlessly thanks to limited anesthesia.

Hair Transplantation with ue technique

Fue Hair Transplantation
Fue Hair Transplantation

In people, the hair above the ears does not fall out genetically. Hair clumps taken from this area are taken with methods that differ according to clinics and fed in special solutions. In addition, surgical motors are used during hair transplantation. It’s the engines that matter. There are also new hair transplantation methods, which appear as a method that leaves less scars.

About Fue hair transplant stages

In FUE hair transplantation, 5000 hair follicles can be taken in the same session. However, the experience of the people performing the operation is important here. Because when 5000 hair follicles are taken by an experienced physician, these roots can be double, triple or quadruple, and the number of hairs planted can be quite high. Before Fue hair transplantation starts, the patient should be photographed. In this way, the operation plan is prepared.

This step should be done by a qualified professional. Otherwise, visually positive results cannot be obtained.

Another step in Fue hair transplantation is the placement of the collected hair follicles into the opened hair channels. This stage is a process that requires great care. It is the last stage of the sowing process. Because in the next stage, cleaning is done only with special lotions. After the necessary information, the person who has a hair transplant can return home without waiting. In all cases, hair transplantation is not possible. In other words, situations where hair transplantation can be performed in the presence of doctors can also be determined.