Baldness Problem

Baldness Problem and Solution

Baldness Problem and Solution: Although the problem of baldness seems to be a special condition for men, it is also seen in women. It is among the big problems for everyone, regardless of whether it is a woman or a man. Patients exaggerate this problem in their minds. Even so, this is a problem with a solution. Patients do not need to worry about this problem. There are different solutions for the problem that can occur in individuals from all walks of life, regardless of male or female, aged 35 and over on average. If you notice this situation caused by hair loss and seek appropriate solutions, it will cease to be a problem and disappear among your troubles.

Hair loss and baldness in men

Baldness Problem
Baldness Problem

Baldness in men is mostly observed at the age of 35 and above. While this situation sometimes occurs due to genetic structures, sometimes it is observed from the hormones of the people. The male hormone, androgen, secreted by men almost directly affects hair loss. There are actually three different known factors for this problem, known as androgenetics.

Factors Causing Baldness

Genetics: If men carry genetic materials, baldness occurs in that person. The biggest cause of baldness in men is that the chromosomes carrying that gene are dominant, not recessive. It is observed that this occurs. Although it is believed that the problem of baldness in men is inherited from the mother, it is inherited equally from both the mother and the father.

Another condition that causes baldness is hormones. Hormones combined with age and stress cause baldness in men. Of course, this is not only a problem for men, but also for women. Due to the same situation, baldness problem occurs not only in men but also in women.

The third factor, of course, is aging. Not only their bodies, but also all bodily functions of people begin to age. For this reason, the hair follicles in the scalp of people become thinner. Thanks to the thinning hair follicles, the hair begins to fall out.

Hair loss, which is very important during physical appearance, is a problem for both men and women. Moreover, by applying different methods for the hair to come back, the problem of baldness is now eliminated. Hair transplant with FUE technique is the most permanent solution.